pirmadienis, balandžio 23, 2012

And IHSW 2012 April results...

This weekend was not so productiv at stitching, but I'm satisfied. So have one more sweet strawberry (very wait real strawberry season... :P ).

First time I try to made up bedding for my 2 years son. So this weekend I cut fabric and after posting go take out sewing machine. :) Wish me good luck... :D

antradienis, balandžio 17, 2012

Grandma is finished!!!

Very nice and crazy Grandma is finished.
If I have time this month I will do from them book of recipe...
And this weekend will be IHSW April 2012.
Sorry, but I think that after this IHSW I take some break. Soon I expect have new family member . So for some time my cross stitching will wait freer time. :)

antradienis, balandžio 03, 2012

Cup cake

Before last part of crazy grandma I show what a yummy cup cake have in sampler of strawberry...