pirmadienis, sausio 30, 2012

Winter Queen is Finish !!!

 At last I finish Winter Queen. :) Very very happy and so rush show them... Already washed, but not ironed... For framing have time till next winter... :D So my pretty...

pirmadienis, sausio 23, 2012

IHSW January results

So my results from this weekend

And this week I start knitt my first tunic.

pirmadienis, sausio 16, 2012

January 2012 IHSW and New Start

First IHSW for this year! For this weekend I focus to Mirabillia beading because is time to finish her. :D For this moment at middle part I have this:
If will  shine luck for me I hope to finish her hands. :D

But that is a little bit complicated because I have new project. He smell very springtime... :) So have to chance compete with Queen. :D Now I have:
At finish it will be Madame la Fee design "Passion Fraise"

sekmadienis, sausio 15, 2012

Three Kings Day's SWAP

This weekend was Three King Day's SWAP meet. That my made gift for Adonė.

I made bag for knitting supplies and small "origami" style cart.

And that gifts I got.

That are small edition calendar, very nice bag and potholders.